Realty Times – Green Design Trends in 2010

Realty Times – Green Design Trends in 2010.

Earth Day is coming along with all things green.  Enjoy what the experts see as Green Trends in 2010

EPA has New Indoor Air Program

Yesterday, 4/8/10, I attended a Webinar hosted by my National Association of Realtor’s Green Resource Council.

Eric Werling from the EPA discussed the new federal program to label indoor air standards and provide guidelines for meeting quality indoor air ratings.    Very interesting data for anyone who can breathe or is trying to breathe!    Take a look at this breath of fresh air!

Hello world!

Welcome to Virginia’s Green Realtor blog! 

Virginian homes and our precious way of life are changing.  All that we can do to work together to learn how to protect our lives and values must be done by educating and acting is a responsible way.  Going Green means many things to many people. 

This blog is dedicated to sharing information and providing education about going green in all ways impacting your home and the real estate market.    Special attention will be given to the Green Movement in Virginia.  Enjoy!